Whitney Tucker Nursing Student

I am currently working as a youth care worker at the Greater Blackville Resource Center and at the Glenelg Youth Alliance. I have a wide array of interests: e.g., leadership studies, cultural diversity, experiential learning, social impact, child development, and psychology. Combing my passion for leadership and experiential learning, I continuously seek to develop my knowledge and understanding of psychology through holistic and hands-on experiences. My main focus throughout my undergraduate degree was to broaden my understanding of the psychological research process. To gain more research experience, I was able to work as a Research Assistant for a grad student whose focus was on anxiety sensitivity. Furthermore, I attended Dr Carmen Poulin’s topical seminar course on qualitative research. This allowed me to be more aware of the significance of different research approaches. I was thrilled for the additional opportunity to continue learning under the guidance of Drs Gouliquer and Poulin.

Having had the opportunity to work as a Research Assistant in the P-SEC lab, I attained a more “real life” experience of the psychological qualitative research process. The skills that I gained from this opportunity were beneficial as I continue to pursue my education in a mental and physical health environment. This past year, I studied abroad at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom, completing my third year at Renaissance College. I also had the opportunity to begin working as a trained doula. This experience allowed me to recognise my ability to contribute and have a positive social impact.

In the fall of 2017, I will be attending UNB Fredericton as a full-time student in the Bachelor of Nursing program. I plan to always expand my knowledge of the amazingly diverse world in which we live.