Sarah MacCallum BSc Honours in Psychology/Minor in Sociology, Master's in Health Promotion Candidate, Research Assistant

I graduated with an honours degree in Psychology (B.Sc.) and a minor in Sociology in 2016 from Mount Allison University (MTA). My honours work concentrated on the social needs of children with complex health conditions (CCHC) and their families. This was part of a larger, multi-university project of Navi-Care/Navi-Son, a virtual health navigation centre for CCHC. This project was supervised by Drs. Rima Azar (MTA) and Shelley Doucet (UNB). I then attended Dalhousie for a Master’s in Health Promotion (defense scheduled for August 2018 and supervised by Dr. Lynne Robinson), during which I examined the recovery conceptualisations of youth undergoing community reintegration following psychiatric hospitalisation. While at Dalhousie, I also lead a research team examining psychiatric survivors/consumers and how they pursued their own ideas of recovery. In September 2018, I will begin a Juris Doctorate at UNB, looking to pursue a career in human rights law, specifically in the field of women and girls and their access to proper health and hygiene services on the international level.

I will be working in the P-SEC lab as a research assistant for the summer of 2018. I look forward to returning to my academic roots of psychology and sociology and exploring topics I have not had a chance to before (like female firefighters). I am particularly interested in the personal narrative and the effects that conceptions of hegemony can have on one’s socialisation. This is why I am excited for P-SEC’s work on LGBTQI2+ and their involvement in the military (an entrenched and gendered institution that arguably drives many social perceptions). The intersectional feminist work done within the lab will be very helpful to learn for my future career aspirations.