Moira Kinney BA Honours in Psychology, St. Thomas University

I am entering my fourth year at St. Thomas University and will be working towards completing my honours in Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Michelle Lafrance. During this summer of 2018, I worked with Dr. Lafrance as a research assistant on her research on informal caregivers in New Brunswick. We will continue this work throughout the school year as I use this area of research for my honours thesis. A central challenge we identified in participants’ accounts is the tremendous hurdle they face in seeking information and support. I hope to explore how New Brunswickers manage to navigate the health care system – their challenges and strategies – with a view to making recommendations for policy and practice in the province.

With the SSHRC Insight Development Grant granted to Dr. Lafrance (PI), and Dr. Gouliquer and Dr. Poulin (co-investigators), we are adopting the P-SEC methodology to investigate the experience of informal caregivers as a marginalised group in society. Working with the P-SEC methodology is a great opportunity to improve my knowledge about Qualitative Research. I am excited to see first-hand how Qualitative Research can be used to better understand the lives of individuals in marginalised groups and as a result, hopefully, enact change.