Lorna Scott, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology, University of New Brunswick

I graduated from UNB in 2016 with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, under the supervision of Dr. Carmen Poulin. I am presently working in the community as a Clinical Psychologist (Interim Membership) at Fredericton Addictions and Mental Health in Fredericton, New Brunswick. In my practice I work primarily with adults, but I also work with seniors, children, and adolescents. My day is varied, as I am involved in the assessment and treatment of a variety of mental health concerns including (but not limited to!): mood disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders (e.g., PTSD, OCD, panic disorder), issues of addiction, and psychotic disorders. I enjoy both the challenge and the interdisciplinary team approach of community mental health work.

In my research, I have been primarily interested in the area of depression, and more specifically interpersonal, cognitive, and stress factors that contribute to the onset and maintenance of depression symptoms. Although my research was not a P-SEC study, part of my methodological approach included qualitative data. My analysis of this data was based on the assumptions of a Traditional Empiricist epistemological framework. The qualitative findings allowed me to go beyond the quantitative analysis and added insights regarding the dynamics between interpersonal dimensions, stress factors, and coping approaches. My research work has informed my clinical practice (and vice versa), as I use both cognitive and interpersonal techniques in my group and individual therapies.