Kendra J. McLaughlin PhD Candidate, Carleton University

Work: Research Assistant

Year: 2012

Supervisors: Drs. Carmen Poulin and Lynne Gouliquer

In 2013, Kendra received her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology from the University of New Brunswick. While at UNB, she worked with Drs. Carmen Poulin and Lynne Gouliquer as a research assistant. Subsequently, in 2015, Kendra completed a Master of Arts in Social Psychology at Carleton University. Kendra is currently completing her Doctor of Philosophy in Legal Psychology, also at Carleton University, anticipating graduation in 2019. Her research interests include psychology of religion, feminist theory and legal decision-making, and for her Doctoral studies she will be examining the motivational underpinnings and consequences of ideological belief systems (e.g., religious and political) and how these are manifested in the judicial system. Over the span of her post-secondary career, Kendra has received a number of honours and awards, such as the American Psychology-Law Society Diversity Travel Award, and has involved herself as a research and teaching assistant.