Kathleen Webb MA in Integrated Studies, Research Assistant


I have been a member of the P-SEC team for a couple of years. I began working as a research assistant in May 2012 for Carmen & Lynne. I primarily worked on the Elder Care Project and the Female Firefighter Project. I thematically coded interviews for each of these projects and recruited participants.

I completed my honours thesis in the Spring of 2013 under the supervision of Carmen, Lynne, & Freda. My honours project was on women’s childbirth experiences in New Brunswick’s hospitals. The two areas that I focused on for my thesis were the Breastfeeding Support that women received in the maternity ward after giving birth, and the way medication was administered to women in labour. This was a continuation of a longitudinal project that began in 2006 by Freda Burdett. Currently, I am working as a research assistant for Carmen and Lynne. We are completing our birthing project: I am passionate about this research and my interest stems from my own experiences of giving birth to my two children. I am starting my MA in Integrated Studies at Athabasca University.  There, my supervisor is Dr. Lynda Ross.