Jeremy Speller Research Assistant

I am in my fourth and last year at St. Thomas University, where I will be obtaining my Bachelor of Arts double majoring in Political Science and Native Studies. After which, I have decided to pursue my masters in Indigenous studies. In the summer of 2015, I was given the opportunity to be a research assistant for Dr. Poulin and Dr. Gouliquer. At the time I knew very little about qualitative research but soon after, I became intrigued and eager to learn more as I was introduced to the Psycho-Social Ethnography of the Commonplace (P-SEC) approach. I continued my relationship with P-SEC and qualitative research by enrolling in a seminar course with Dr. Poulin, the second semester in 2016. My objective is simple; to persevere and seek ways to support and enhance Mi’kmaw’s identity and interests and help build a stronger relationship between Aboriginals and Canada as we move forward together. I spent my life traveling back and forth between cities in the United States and my First Nation community, Gesgapegiag. As I got older, my perception on life started to alter and I became more aware of what was happening around me and other parts of world. Being Aboriginal and Black, I understood the challenges and adversity marginalized groups face. It’s because of this that I am driven to seek more knowledge in the P-SEC approach and further my education.