Heather MacArthur Graduate Student, Penn State University


Thesis Title: The Everyday Experience of Female Career Firefighters: Complications for women in a non-Traditional Occupation

Year: 2011 - 2013

Supervisors: Drs. Carmen Poulin and Lynne Gouliquer

Heather completed a PhD in Social Psychology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Penn State University, under the supervision of Dr. Stephanie Shields. Her research focuses on the prevalence and consequences of subtle gender biases in everyday life, including the way we use gender-biased language in our daily speech (e.g., use of the term “girl” to describe adult women) and the way we apply gender stereotypes when we observe the emotional expressions of others. She is also interested in feminist history and theory, both within psychology and more broadly. After graduating from Penn State in 2018, Heather worked as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Furman University (a selective liberal arts college in Greenville, South Carolina) for one year, and is now in a two-year visiting position at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York.

Publications & Presentations