Heather MacArthur Graduate Student, Penn State University

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Thesis Title: The Everyday Experience of Female Career Firefighters: Complications for women in a non-Traditional Occupation

Year: 2011 - 2013

Supervisors: Drs. Carmen Poulin and Lynne Gouliquer

Since beginning her post-secondary education, Heather completed a Bachelor of Arts at Trent University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of New Brunswick. While at UNB, Heather worked under the supervision of Drs. Poulin and Gouliquer both as a Research Assistant and as an Honours Student in their P-SEC lab. During that time, she partook in their research on challenges faced by female firefighters in the Canadian Fire Services. 

Heather is currently working toward a dual-title PhD in Social Psychology and Women's Studies at Penn State. Under the supervision of her graduate advisor, Dr. Stephanie Shields, she studies the politics of gender in everyday life, examining the subtle ways that gendered hierarchies are enacted and maintained in our day-to-day thoughts and behaviours. Specifically, she studies the micro-politics of emotion, language, and humour, examining how gender biases are entrenched in these common aspects of our lives. She is also interested in feminist history and theory, both within psychology and more broadly. For more information on Heather's research, visit her website at heathermacarthur.net.

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