Elizabeth Gerhardt BA Honours in Psychology

I am a fourth year Bachelor of Arts student at the University of New Brunswick. Within the approaching school year I will be completing my undergraduate degree, graduating in May with an Honours in Psychology; minoring in sociology.

This past year, as part of the psychology honours requirements, I completed a Basic Research Seminar. The Basic Research Seminar equips students with more hands on experiential learning than is offered in regular lecture based courses. Through this seminar, I had the opportunity to work with Drs. Poulin and Gouliquer in their P-SEC lab. It was in the lab that I expanded my understanding of the P-SEC methodology as well as qualitative research in general. In the 2016 winter semester, from January to April, my focus was on their project examining the experience of Female Firefighters. I helped with the coding aspect of their research; specifically, the theme of Promotions and Leadership.