Dhanushka Nanayakkara BSc Honours in Psychology

Work: Research Assistant

Year: 2006

Supervisors: Drs. Carmen Poulin and Lynne Gouliquer

My university career began in 2001 at the University of New Brunswick. I completed six years at UNB, graduating with a Bachelor of Science, Honouring in Psychology. In 2006, my final year at UNB, I worked as a Research Assistant for Drs Poulin and Gouliquer in their P-SEC research lab. I learned a great deal about the research process, qualitative research methods, and the marginalisation of groups. I have since expanded my university level education by attending Carleton University, and obtaining a Professional Management Certificate in Human Resources. From 2008 to 2011, I worked with Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, leading a series of human resource projects. Currently, I'm working as Operations Manager at Graduate School of Management, an education institute specializing in postgraduate degrees (Sri Lanka). I am in the process of completing my MBA from Staffordshire University UK (2016). The dissertation is the final pending module and it will be on the topic of business strategy in the banking sector.