Caroline De Freitas Silva International Student Intern, Research Assistant

My name is Caroline De Freitas Silva. In 2013, I came to UNB as an international student, sponsored by the Brazilian program Science without Borders - CNPq (Ciencias sem Fronteiras - CNPq). During the Summer, I completed my research internship in the P-SEC Lab. I am training to become a Psychologist, doing so in the Faculty of Science. This Summer (2014), I have returned to the P-SEC lab for a three-month research internship. This is a funded Globalink Research Internships.

In Brazil, I have completed research projects on children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, as well as on the elderly, and retirement. This work is part of the Laboratory of Instrumentation and Psychological Assessment (LABIAP - UFRB). From 2011-2012, I was sponsored by my University in Brazil (Federal University of Reconcavo of Bahia - UFRB) to validate my scale about Self-efficacy for Elderly Retired People Social Engagement.

During my internships in the P-SEC Lab, I am learning about qualitative methods, and more specifically, about the P-SEC methodology. This methodology seems to be a really interesting way of exploring the point of view and the reality of marginalized populations. This approach would be really useful in investigating the realities of people in Brazil, which might be quite different than the people here in Canada. At the end of my internships, I hope to be able to develop projects using P-SEC in my country to contribute to the scientific body of knowledge.