Cameron Smith Fourth Year BA Honours in Psychology, Research Assistant

I am a fourth-year university student at St. Thomas University (STU) who is passionate about learning and helping others. I am currently working on my Psychology major, and I will be completing my Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Psychology. My supervisor is Dr Korotkov, and our research interests include health and positive psychology.  Also, I will graduate with a minor in Religious Studies. My minor has taught me a lot about religious and spiritual multiplicity; therefore, I readily embrace diversity in all forms. I plan to educate myself in a manner that will fuel my passion for helping others. After I graduate in 2018, I plan to continue my education at a Master’s level in Experimental Psychology.

Having the opportunity to work in the P-SEC laboratory under Dr. Poulin and Dr. Gouliquer has helped me understand the workings of research, specifically qualitative studies. My experience will also help me as I begin my Honours Thesis in the fall. This lab introduced me to a new way of understanding the lives of marginalised groups using the Psycho-Social Ethnography of the Commonplace (P-SEC) Methodology. I am working hard to better my knowledge on marginalised peoples and the challenges they face through using the P-SEC methodology, which is from a feminist perspective. Having the opportunity to expand my awareness with regards to several marginalised groups and their challenges inspires me to help make changes that can positively impact people in oppressed situations.