Ardith Finnamore Basic Research Student, BA Honours in Psychology

In 2014, I made a life-changing decision to quit a viable career and pursue a passion. In the 1990s I attended the University of Guelph in Ontario, but did not complete my undergrad due to some adversities endured by most single mothers. In my forties, I decided that I was not fulfilled, and it was time to complete my education.

]Now I am a 2016 Dean's Scholar at the University of New Brunswick and completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree, honouring in psychology. In the future, I am interested in working with women; in particular, aging women. I also have a strong interest in Positive Psychology. My overall aspiration is to establish a non-profit organization that transforms communities by empowering women and offering services that are neglected by existing social programs.

Working with the P-SEC research team has taught me about the contributions of qualitative research in understanding the realities of marginalized people. Through hours of transcribing and coding interviews, I realized the time involved in the qualitative research process. Of particular interest was an interview I studied of an interviewee for the team’s research project on Resilience and Exceptionally Old Adults (90+). It was a unique window into the private life of a woman who had a rich experience. Finally, the exceptional camaraderie, genuine interest in my success, and selfless guidance I received by all team members.

Psychology is much larger than curing mental illness or curing diseases. I think it's about bringing out the best in people, it's about positive institutions; it's about strength of character. [Martin Seligman]