Amanda Dunsmore Bachelor of Arts in History, Research Assistant, Laurentian University

This summer (2018), I am a research assistant in the P-SEC lab through the Work-Study program at Laurentian University. My primary responsibility is to search for evidence of the historical presence of Métis communities in the area of Sudbury to North Bay, Ontario. It is advantageous that my senior research project complements the time frame of this project. In the P-SEC lab, I am working on a topic that is contributing to my general knowledge of this historical time, attitudes and mores. Therefore, I am gaining in my general understanding of people’s activity and existence at this time in Canada. This will undoubtedly be of great benefit as I enter my final BA training.
In the fall, I will be beginning the final year of my Bachelor of Arts degree, with a specialisation in History and a major in Psychology. My preferred areas of focus within History are the 18th and 19th centuries. More specifically, my senior research project will investigate the discourse of the child emigration scheme (i.e., British Home Children). More specifically, I want to examine the reasons why the British Government of the time not only maintained the rate of children being sent to Canada between 1868 and 1878 but why they increased it during that time-period. Yet, reports had revealed how detrimental this practice was to all of the children who were sent during this time.