Ryan Wildgoose BA in History, Ontario College Diploma in Social Service Work, MA in History, Interdisciplinary PhD Candidate in Human Studies

I received my Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in History from Laurentian University in October 2016, several years after having completed an Ontario College Diploma in Social Service Work in the spring of 2012. One year after having received my Bachelor of Arts, in October 2017, I received my Master of Arts from Laurentian University, also in History. My Master’s research paper was entitled Sex, Sin, and Social Justice: The Criminal Prosecution of Sodomites in London, 1700 to 1750, for which the focus was on the increased number of sodomy trials to occur in London, England after 1726. I consider myself to be a gender and sexuality historian, and am involved in the committees of several LGBTQ+ organizations in Sudbury, including Pride Laurentian and Sudbury Pride.

In September 2017, I began my interdisciplinary PhD in Human Studies at Laurentian University, studying the social construction of homosexuality in education at the turn of the twentieth century. Dr. Lynne Gouliquer is one of my two research supervisors.

I had heard much about the P-SEC team from Lynne throughout the first year of my doctoral studies, and even had the opportunity to see several members of the team in action, giving presentations: Dr. Carmen Poulin at Laurentian University, and both Jennifer McWilliams and Alissa Moore at the Qualitative Analysis Conference. I became involved with the team in June 2018, assisting with research on Métis history in the Sudbury region of Ontario. As an historian, I look forward to learning a history about which I know very little. In addition, I hope that my contribution can help this research make a difference for current and future Métis peoples.

Publications & Presentations


Wildgoose, R. (2018). The dark side of sexual diversity: Sodomy prosecution in early-eighteenth-century London. The 36th Qualitative Analysis Conference, Fredericton, NB (May 16-18).


Wildgoose, R. (2018). “Sinful sodomites” and “dangerous sexual predators”: What can history tell us about LGBTQI2S+ oppression? Lunch and Learn Series, Laurentian University, ON (March 27).


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Wildgoose, R. (2017). Sex, sin, and social justice: Moral panic and the prosecution of sodomites in London, 1700 to 1750. Department of History Colloquium Series, Laurentian University, ON (March 15).