Aging in Rural New Brunswick


Nearly all Canadians are proud of their universal health care system, and believe it to be a very important Canadian institution (Cheadle, 2012)

Two out of three Canadians believe the health care system is in need of improvement (Canadians Say Parliament's, 2012)

Canadian persons in the 65 years and older age-range faced the greatest poverty in 2008 (Campaign, 2010)

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The purpose of our study was to examine the care from the perspective of the people receiving it. In this case, we interviewed elderly individuals living in rural New Brunswick. To name a few, we talked to people from: Cap Pelé, Clair, Connors, Minto, Perth-Andover, Plaster Rock, and Stanley. In this study, we focussed on how the delivery of care influenced their psychological, social, and physical well-being. Our study had the following research goals: 1) Chronicle the social organisation of health care and services and their influence on the lived experience of rural seniors; 2) Identify possible cultural, structural, and gendered barriers to achieving or maintaining health; 3) Examine schemata and coping mechanisms used by older individuals to make sense of institutional organising practices; and 4) Examine the psychological, physical, and social consequences of these practices.


We interviewed 23 elders living in rural New Brunswick. Interviews averaged 2 hours in length. Findings indicate that most elders rely excessively on family networks as their main support system to meet their general needs. Although inadequate, formal in-home care services (e.g., government-funded) are also crucial components in meeting the personal care needs of our elders in NB. We believe that the combination of family and government support enables elders to stay longer in their own home, a win-win situation for the individual and society.


Project Description

In Canada, in spite of challenges associated with the globalisation, capitalism and profit driven motives, our health care system has a history of being publicly funded …

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Project Summary Report for the New Brunswick Heath Research Foundation

Brief Report

Detailed Report


Gouliquer, L. & Poulin C. (In Progress). A crisis in health care: Rhetoric versus the lived reality of rural seniors. International Journal of Aging and …

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Silva, C.F., Poulin, C., & Gouliquer, L. (2014). Formal and informal care: What do Brazilian and Canadian elders have to say? 31th Qualitative Analysis …

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  • Carmen Poulin, PhD
  • Lynne Gouliquer, PhD
  • Beverly C. S. Brazier
  • Alyssa Mabey
  • Kathleen Webb
  • Caroline De Freitas Silva
  • Emily Guidry

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