Emily Guidry Human Service Worker, Research Assistant


I worked with Dr. Poulin and Dr. Gouliquer for my Basic Research course on the home care for elders' project. I thematically coded for elder’s experience of health and home care. After coding for this project generally, I focused more specifically on how family support for the older person getting health care manifested itself, which appeared throughout interviews. My final report focussed on the delivery of care and the governing policies around this delivery.

I also did a lot of transcription for the P-SEC team: I have worked both on a full-time, and a part-time basis between January of 2011 and the Summer of 2013. I was involved in transcribing for various research projects such as: women’s experience as firefighters, women’s experience as correctional officers, women’s experience in public space, elders' experience of health and home care, elder elders' (90+) daily experiences, women’s childbirth experiences, and single mother’s experience living on assistance.

In the Fall of 2014, I am starting my training to become a Social Worker. I will be doing this training at Saint-Thomas University in Fredericton, NB.