Whitney Tucker Research Assistant

I am currently a third year student at the University of New Brunswick (Renaissance College). I have a wide array of interests: e.g., leadership studies, cultural diversity, experiential learning, social impact, child development, and psychology. Although I have yet to settle on a specific career path for the future, I will graduate in 2018 from UNB with a Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies, and also aspire to graduate with an Honours in Psychology. Combining my passion for leadership and experiential learning, I continuously seek to develop my knowledge and understanding of psychology through holistic and hands on experiences. This past year, my main focus has been to broaden my understanding of psychology research. As such, I worked as a Research Assistant with a grad student whose focus is on anxiety sensitivity. Furthermore, I attended Dr. Carmen Poulin’s topical seminar course on qualitative research, becoming more aware of the significance of different research approaches. I was thrilled for the additional opportunity to continue my learning this summer.

Working this summer as a Research Assistant in the P-SEC lab, I hope to attain a more “real life” experience of the psychology research process, particularly that of qualitative research. Skills which I gain from this opportunity will be beneficial as I continue to pursue a future in the field of psychology, as well as my ability to contribute to positive social impact. From this point onward, I will carry the skills I have gained as a basis from which to continue to grow. This coming fall I will be spending a semester at the University of Essex in the UK to concentrate on psychology from a culturally different context. Next summer, I will complete an International internship as a degree requirement, always expanding my knowledge of the amazingly diverse world in which we live.