Pamela Young BA in Psychology, Research Assistant

In the Fall of 2017, I start the Post Degree Social work program at St Thomas University. I received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Brunswick in 2016. I majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology. I also completed an honours project with Drs. Poulin and Gouliquer, whose research focuses on marginalised groups, and utilises the Psycho-Social Ethnography of the Commonplace (P-SEC) methodology. My honours project drew from their work on individuals who are 90+ years old. I explored two complications in older individuals’ lives: the request of funding from Social Development, and the lack of control older individuals experience when hiring care-workers from private care institutions. My thesis was titled, When you are 90+ years old: The experience and meaning of independence.

Currently I work for Drs Poulin and Gouliquer as a research assistant managing the day to day operations of the research group. In addition to my research on individuals who are 90 years of age and older, I am involved in the Canadian female firefighters project. In the future, I am interested in continuing research on marginalised groups, and recommending policy changes that would benefit these groups’ well-being.

The research I would like to complete in my life is diverse. To name a few, I am interested in older individual’s experiences, domestic violence, child abuse, and young offenders. I believe that qualitative research can add a great deal to our understanding of groups and issues, and that it is important to create knowledge that captures the influence culture has on individuals within society.