Michelle Graham Research Assistant

I graduated from Laurentian University in June 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Science Psychology. I have been interested in research since I joined the Cognitive Health Research Laboratory at Laurentian University during my first year of university. The research with which I was involved consisted of different eye-tracking studies examining macro and micro expression recognition. This research also included event-related potential (ERP) studies looking at expression recognition, schema violations, and verb recognition. My undergraduate thesis aimed to validate a new implicit association task examining words thought to be strongly associated with Indigenous cultures in Canada. For my Master’s degree in Indigenous Relations at Laurentian University, I hope to continue in this line of research.

My current research interests vary from emotion recognition to topics related to the experience of Indigenous people, and the latter is what most interest to me at this time. During the Winter 2016 term, I took a Qualitative Inquiry course with Dr. Gouliquer, through which I gained valuable skills.  I hope to incorporate these skills in my Master’s research, using decolonising methods.

Currently, I am a research assistant for Dr. Gouliquer and Dr. Poulin. My involvement includes research with marginalised groups. For instance, I have started some research on issues pertinent to Métis people with Dr. Gouliquer, and research with the elderly.  This Summer opportunity will provide me with additional skills that also will be valuable for my Master’s degree starting this Fall.