Jennifer McWilliams BSc Honours in Psychology, Research Assistant

I received my Bachelor of Science, with First Class Honours in Psychology, from the University of New Brunswick in 2016. I worked under the supervision of Dr. Ryan Hamilton, whose main research interests include the application of psychology to sport and exercise performance, performance enhancing strategies in sport, hazing, and coping skills development in cancer survivors. For my Honours project, we worked on a study entitled “The Effects of Facial Expressions on Cycling Performance: An Embodied Cognition Approach”. This study investigated whether the embodiment of specific facial expressions had an effect on participants’ Ratings of Perceived Exertion (RPE), actual exertion (heart rate), and performance (kilometers travelled) during a 20 minute cycling task on a stationary bicycle.

During the last year of my undergraduate degree I took Dr. Carmen Poulin’s Qualitative Psychology seminar and found a new interest for qualitative research that had not yet peaked, as I had only worked in the quantitative realm of research. More specifically, I became interested and am interested in looking at marginalized groups that are a part of my culture (i.e., Aboriginals, African Americans/Canadians). Being a part of Carmen and Lynne’s research team will allow me to assist with research looking at various Aboriginal groups and will help me to learn more about my heritage.

I plan to continue on with my education and pursue a Master’s Degree in Experimental Psychology. Hopefully, one day I will achieve the standing of a Doctorate and become a professor as I am very passionate about teaching psychology.