Hannah Hamilton Research Assistant

I graduated from the University of New Brunswick in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I then spent two years working with children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities requiring complex care. I enjoyed using my psychology knowledge in the workplace, where I employed Applied Behaviour Analysis. I have also worked in hospitals, nursing homes, seniors’ facilities, and childcare centres. Through my diverse workplace experiences, I have sampled a variety of job and career options. I chose to return to school in the fall of 2014 to pursue a Bachelor of Nursing. I am currently in the Advanced Standing Program at the University of New Brunswick (Moncton campus). I will complete my studies in the summer of 2017. I am looking forward to new experiences in the healthcare field.

My research interests are varied, but tend to focus on healthcare, maternity care, gerontology, health psychology, and social psychology. I am particularly interested in studying the Canadian healthcare system and I hope to (some day!) make an impact on the policy or implementation of the Medicare system in Canada. 

I currently work as a Research Assistant with Drs. Gouliquer and Poulin on their work with marginalised groups. Gaining this valuable experience in qualitative research has been a great opportunity and I am thankful for the mentorship and support Drs. Gouliquer and Poulin have provided me. I am especially proud to have co-authored a poster pertaining to female firefighters and leadership that was presented at the Canadian Psychological Association conference in June 2016.